Deadly and delicious: “Hemlock Grove”

So I was perusing the Netflix online catalogue and stopped to check out the Netflix original series in this post’s title. One season (the first) was available. I ended up watching the whole season in one sitting. Yeah, it’s that good.

HG is a mix of urban fantasy and science fiction, and that still isn’t an accurate description. The focus is on a high-school-senior age Romani (Rom? Roma? Anyone know which one is correct?) guy Peter Rumancek (Landon Liboiron) and his friends (old and new). That’s about as far as I can go without getting into spoiler territory. Suffice it to say that this show kicks massive ass, and has been signed for a third and final season. Famke Janssen is perfect as Olivia Godfrey, and Olivia’s son Roman is scarily well-acted by Bill Skarsgård , son of Stellan and brother of Alexander. Good genes in that family.

Urban fantasy readers (more than viewers) should dig this series for a variety of reasons. I could list those reasons, but that’s boring. Those of you with Netflix access can help out your friends without same by having a watch-in night. Just make sure the drinx n snax are potluck. 🙂