Days of futures past: “Jerome Bixby’s The Man from Earth”

This 2007 film is certainly a science fiction film, but it has no special effects, no aliens, and no woo-woo tech. It doesn’t need any of that.

Hulu currently has it available on its free list, so no Hulu+ required, yay!

The central question that powers this fascinating drama: what if someone you thought you knew well told you and a group of mutual friends that he was 14,000 years old? What would that conversation be like?

I rate this film 5 stars. It’s well-acted (includes William Katt [who knew?] and Tony Todd), artfully directed and absorbing to the point of saturation without turning into a puddle. What a shame it was a direct-to video release only.

There are hidden gems out there, people. Some of them aren’t even older than the year 2000.