Quickie book reviews

These books have been sitting on my desk, awaiting review, for far too long. Thus, brief comments about each follow.

Queen of Iron Years by Lyn McConchie and Sharman Horwood. SFnal time travel centered on Boadicea, LGBTQ+ oppression and the Roman invasion, and every bit of it works. I cried at the end. The authors are acquaintances of mine, but they are fine writers all the same.

California Twist by John A. Connor. Brit-born PI in California takes a missing person case which winds up being far more than just that. Connor is also a friend, but again, the writing stands on its own. Great lead character in Harry Rhimes, just enough of all the right elements for a great PI mystery without all the sexist crap of noir. I think this is his first published book. Just go read it already.

Mongrels by Stephen Graham Jones. Truly a heart-novel, about modern werewolves, beautifully written and an elegant portrayal of a family on the edge of life. There is not enough good to be said about this novel. I won this in a book giveaway, and I was not disappointed.

All these go directly to my re-read shelf.


2 thoughts on “Quickie book reviews

  1. Hey there. Saw your post on Chuck Wendig’s Snow Day Book Love. Just published my first book ‘To Conquer Heaven’ in December 2016. It’s an ‘Indiana Jones’ meets ‘Big Trouble in Little China’ kinda thing.

    Please have a copy. https://payhip.com/b/uKUQ

    Hope you enjoy it. I would love your feedback and if you know anyone else who would enjoy it please feel free to pass it on.

    May all your books be good ones.


    Felix Long

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