About The Magpie

Turkey vultures and peregrine falcons are my favorite birds, each speed demons in their own ways. I love dogs and cats equally well, but find living with cats easier. Winter is not my enemy, but summer is. There are many places I’ve called home, but only one which drew me back after my peregrinations were over. I am:  reader, writer, feminist, mother, fighter, Michigander, crafter, designer, speaker to birds, queen of denial, pragmatist, a walking contradiction — a human.


3 thoughts on “About The Magpie

  1. Hi there! I think you are the J. G. Stinson who reviewed my first novel, The Threat Below, for Forewords. I wanted to let you know that I appreciated the depth with which you analyzed the material. Very much so, with your identification of the metaphors and the use of difference tenses and voices, I feel like we are literary soul mates. Comments like yours are part of what make writing wonderful, so again, thanks! If you’re ever in LA let me know, I’d like to buy you a drink or a coffee or, if you don’t drink alcohol or coffee (like me, because I have strangely immature tastes), a chocolate milk or a Juicy Juice.

    1. As I think I said elsewhere (or meant to), good work deserves praise. The likelihood of my ever being in LA is about nil, but I appreciate the beverage offer. 🙂

  2. Hi Jason — Good work deserves notice. I’m an old phart and have pretty much given up on traveling, so pick one of the beverages you mentioned and have one for me. 🙂 Best of luck for your future writing.

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